Signature Broths

Bare Bones Broth

A small batch blend of naturally-raised grass-fed beef and chicken, seasoned to perfection with a variety veggies and herbs. 

This recipe combines the lightness of a chicken broth with the depth of flavour of a beef broth resulting in a truly remarkable blend that is perfect for cooking but tasty enough to sip on it’s own!




Specialty Sipping Broths

Bare Bones w/ Ginger

Our signature broth with a splash of cold-pressed ginger juice. It hits your nose just before your palate. Perfect for cold and flu season!

Bare Bones w/ Roasted Garlic

Our signature broth with a extra punch of zesty garlic. If you love garlic you’ll absolutely adore this variation!

Bare Bones w/ Mushroom

Our signature broth with subtle earthy tones of mushrooms.

Bare Bones w/ Chili Oil

Our signature broth with spicy chili aftertaste. Great for warming up on a cold day!