Bare Bones Broth (Signature Recipe)

A small batch blend of naturally-raised chicken and grass-fed beef seasoned to perfection with a variety of veggies and herbs. 

This recipe combines the lightness of a chicken broth with the depth of flavour of a beef broth resulting in a truly remarkable blend that is perfect for cooking but tasty enough to sip on it’s own!

Bare Bones w/ Ginger

Our signature broth with a splash of cold-pressed ginger juice. It hits your nose just before your palate. Perfect for cold and flu season!

Bare Bones w/ Roasted Garlic

Our signature broth with an extra punch of zesty garlic. If you love garlic you’ll absolutely adore this variation!


Garden 9

A unique blend of 9 different garden vegetables resulting in a broth with layers of flavour rarely found in a vegan broth. This broth is extremely versatile in the kitchen and surprisingly sippable!  


Coconut Chicken Curry

A rich coconut cream broth flavoured with traditional Indian curry spices. This soup is warming, but not spicy, and absolutely delicious! 

Thai Coconut Curry w/ Farmer Sausage (Panang)

A fusion between a traditional Thai coconut curry and southern Manitoba Mennonite cuisine with just the right amount of kick. My personal favourite! 

Cuban Black Bean

Loaded with beans, corn and veggies this soup definitely eats like a meal. It’s hearty and packs a punch with a bit of spice! 

Chickpea Cauliflower Garam Masala w/ ground beef

A unique blend of warm Indian spices combined with our heartiest soup that is loaded with chickpeas, cauliflower, yams, carrots, and ground beef. Absolutely perfect for a rainy day! 

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